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Cyclist casualties in the East of England 2000 to 2008

This map shows the location of all accidents in which a cyclist was killed or seriously injured in the East of England during the nine years 2000 to 2008. The purpose of this map is to show where accidents occur and some information about the collisions; it's not supposed to put you off cycling. It is still safer* to cycle to the station than to walk. The map can provide support to campaigners or help cyclists examine the likely causes of collisions on favourite routes. You can see maps of other areas of Great Britain here

*Report of the National Audit Office on pedestrian and cyclist casualties in Great Britain page 9

**A short definition of Seriously injured is an injury which involves treatment as a hospital in-patient. For a more precise discussion see Jon's comments on the "Your Shout" pages

I am indebted to Mike Williams for his excellent Google Maps API Tutorial and for the slabs of his code, which I have shamelessly stolen.

Cyclist fatality Cyclist serious** injury

Use the usual GoogleMaps controls to zoom and pan around. At lower zoom levels not all accidents are shown, as this would overwhelm your browser. Fatalities are always shown. If there are six or less bars above the slider then all the accidents in the map area are displayed. At zoom levels less than this some accidents are not shown. If you are looking at a specific area make sure you are adequately zoomed in.

Clicking on a marker reveals some background to the accident.
    The date and time of the accident
    The gender of the cyclist and the manoeuvre being carried out by the cyclist at the time of the accident
    The other vehicle involved in the collision
Locations are accurate to about plus or minus 10m. At high zoom levels the road map tends to be a little inaccurate and then it's best to switch to satellite view.
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This map is based on an analysis by Ted Reilly of data from Department for Transport. Road Accident Statistics Branch, Road Accident Data, 2000-2008 [computer file]. Colchester, Essex: UK Data Archive [distributor], September 2009. SN: 6022.